Criptokapital App




2023 – 2024


Control Panel, Custom Development, API Integration, Token Management

Criptokapital App


Criptokapital App:
Innovative Custom-Developed Platform for Secure and Efficient Investment Fund Management

Criptokapital is a cutting-edge platform designed for managing an investment fund where users contribute capital, and expert fund managers grow that capital by offering high annual returns. The capital contributed is managed through tokens, ensuring a transparent and efficient investment process.

Custom-Developed Platform

The platform is entirely custom-developed to provide robust and reliable management of tokens, capital, investments, and user contributions. This bespoke development ensures that every aspect of the platform operates seamlessly and meets the highest standards of performance and security.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Criptokapital handles all financial transactions, including:

  • Capital Contributions: Users can contribute capital through Stripe or bank transfer.
  • Capital Withdrawals: Easy and secure process for withdrawing capital.
  • Token Control: Efficient management of tokens to represent user investments.
User Management and Agent System

The platform includes advanced features for user and agent management:

  • User Management: Comprehensive tools for managing user accounts and investment portfolios.
  • Agent System: Agents who attract new users to the investment fund earn commissions, incentivizing growth and expansion.
Seamless Integrations

To ensure smooth financial operations, Criptokapital integrates with leading payment platforms such as Stripe and PayPal. Additionally, it incorporates currency exchange managers to handle transactions in different currencies, enhancing the platform’s versatility and user-friendliness.

A Robust and Reliable Solution

Every component of Criptokapital is programmed with precision to ensure a robust and reliable performance. The platform’s custom development guarantees the highest levels of security and efficiency, making it a trustworthy solution for managing and growing investments.

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